Defeat trump —
build power

We know what’s at stake in 2020—the future of our planet and our democracy, human dignity and decency, possibility or persecution. The public health emergency of COVID-19 lays bare how desperately we need to remove Trump from office. The presidential election is a battleground not only for the highest office in the land, but for climate justice, college access, healthcare, housing, immigrant and trans rights, and so much more. It is about protecting the hard fought wins of the generations before us, and being able to imagine a future we demand and deserve. It’s about defining our terrain of struggle for all that we know we need to fight for.

Generation Rising is a national vehicle for young people of color to work with social justice movements and community-based efforts in swing states to defeat Trump and build systemic change for the long-haul.

Volunteers and Fellows will support campaigns led by working class communities and communities of color doing presidential election work through phone-banking, texting, and relational organizing. 

Generation Rising provides training and opportunities to impact elections in key swing states while building connections and knowledge for long term social justice organizing.

Our goal is not just to defeat Trump, but to shift the balance of power in favor of communities of color, social justice organizations, and labor to seed the wins yet to come.

The Generation Rising National Volunteer Program has two components:

  • Ongoing opportunities for volunteer engagement: recruitment, voter engagement, fundraising, and more
  • Generation Rising Internships – 10-40 hours a week (remote), volunteer opportunity for young people of color. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.

The Generation Rising National Fellowship is a 20-40 hours a week (remote) paid opportunity for young people of color. Fall program will begin in September and run through the Election. Application deadline is July 20th.