Generation Rising is a national program partnering with social justice movements in swing states to build the power of young people of color for the long-haul.

In 2022, we are gearing up to go big in the federal midterm elections – a battleground for racial justice, climate justice, immigrant and trans rights, and so much more – while  strengthening the organizing skills and power of young people of color across the country towards a more liberated future. To protect the hard-fought wins of the generations before us, and forge a future that young people of color demand and deserve, we must organize.

Fellowships & Internships

Generation Rising’s 2022 Organizing Fellowship (July 26 – Nov 15) will bring together a cohort of 20 young organizers across the country to contribute their energy to field work, political education, skills development, and community building. They will also recruit, train, and engage volunteers in weekly field work to build power for youth of color and doorknock for key progressive candidates in the federal midterm elections.